EDS 103 has been a rewarding journey.  I spent long hours in digesting the volumes of reading materials – some are easy to read and many are too sedentary (induced me to sleep). I enjoyed listening to what people say in videos – some are too simplistic others are too technical.

To sum it all, the course journey affirmed my personal epistemology, and I wish to borrow the quote of Mahatma Gandhi:

 “You must be the change you want to see in the World”

And this is consistent with my first e-journal reflection – that learning is not merely to acquire knowledge  and better professional qualifications.  Early on my belief is that learning is about willingness to change self, to positively affect the lives of others and the world we live in.  As we swam in the deep sea from module 1 to module 4, I realised that there are many ways to learning and re-learning.  Educators can not prescribe a one-size fits all system. There are models and mentors that actually shaped the way we think and behave. So, as teachers, we need to be serious on the different ways we reward and punish our student deeds, our actions and words can reinforce bad behaviours, because student’s learn by observing others.  So, to become a good constructivist teacher, I must remember that my role is like an Orchestra Conductor – dealing with different talents. Moreover, an effective teacher is also a good moral steward, a bridger, a change maker, facilitator and a guide on the side rather than a sage on stage.  Assignment 1 was truly an experience that gave me lessons on how to work with others – thinking that others have better ideas than me.

The final exam, helped me think through the realities inside the classroom that can make or break a good learning performance.  I affirm my conviction on the importance of research to inform teacher professional development and school management practices.   I will continue to contribute in this arena of education research to inform policies and practices that yield high quality learning for Philippines education graduates.

Thanks to all virtual classmates – your reflections in the forum and e-journals have sharpen my understanding. I must admit that I have been reading the post of classmates outside my Barangay Gardner.   Please don’t hesitate to contact me through tfelipe@unicef.org.