Reflecting back on the track behind me, I recall models and mentors whom I have always look up to.   They have inspired, shaped and directed me to where I am right now. Some of them didn’t know how much I value their contributions in my life.

My Models and Mentors
Role Models and Mentors
Their Contributions
Tatay and Nanay They raised me up with the view of simple life.  They will always be my model for raising my kids divest with goals for material things, fame and glory.
Lulay Growing up professionally with devoted and sweet but strong willed lady was an inspiration.  Lulay is a great mentor  in my career that I almost followed her footsteps. In fact, I took over many of her positions in the education sector.
Mariquit My sister-in law is a great model for humility and sacrifice for the good of others. She gave up her respectable career to care of sick mother (my mother in law). She is also selfless in helping a brother (my brother-in law) recover from alcoholism.
Dr. Victor Ordonez My mentor for xx years working in the education sector.  His passion to bring innovations and global standards to Philippines educations inspired me to work in Government and subsequently in education development organizations.
Persy Her strong will to work for children in the most difficult situations is an inspiration.  Persy is my model for dedication to the cause of children in the most difficult situations.  She got killed by suicide bombers in Pakistan while on duty.  I will always remember her dedication, as I continue to work for conflict-affected children in our country.

The Type of Role Model I Want to Be for My Students.

I will work hard and persevere  to become a role model for my students in the following aspects.

1.      Passion to help others  –  in whatever I do, the ultimate goal is to make the lives of others better.
2.      Humility – the greatest virtue is considering others before self. Humility is respecting others and caring for others. It also means recognizing that we are not perfect and that we should admit our mistakes.
3.      High moral values –  this means living up within the standards of  God and not of men.   
4.      Walking your talk – sincerity in everything that I do.
5.      Innovation – always make room for improvement.

How I Will Incorporate Models and Mentors in My Classroom?
I will incorporate models and mentors in my classroom by providing opportunities to (i) get to know my students well including their different  beliefs and cultural background and  respecting diversity; (ii) promoting connections and positive associations; and (iii) discussions and reflections on exemplary  models in various aspects of life.

Who Will Be My Education Mentor? What Would My Ideal Education Mentor Be Like?

My ideal mentor would be a simple person who has dedicated self to the cause of others.  I have in mind, a simple teacher who preferred to work in remote villages to teach Indigeneous People.  She left the comfortable life in the city to live with IPs. She helped them establish a community school where parents and children where the students. The teacher is well loved by the community so she has been living with them for more than 10 years.  Every time I meet this teacher for IPs, I always feel refreshed, inspired and moved to continue helping others to improve their lives.  She is a great mentor.


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